Less Than Perfect Credit?

Buying a car should be fun and easy, no matter what

We love all of our customers at Banister Nissan. If you’re worried about your finances, don’t be. We treat all of our customers the with the same level of care, service, and respect.

Banister Nissan strongly believes that the dealership experience should be fun and fulfilling for everyone. You are not your credit score. Your worth isn’t determined by your trade-in value. You’re treatment doesn't rely your downpayment.

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Banister Nissan wants to help you, no matter the reason you need it.

There are plenty of reasons why your credit might not be where you want it.

  • Medical expenses
  • Life events like a divorce
  • Recent change in employment
  • Young with no credit history
  • Other not so pleasant surprises 

Buying a vehicle is a good way to rebuild your credit. We can help you find the right financing that works for your situation. By making your payments on time, you get to rebuild your credit while enjoying your new vehicle

If you absolutely, positively need a vehicle come to Banister Nissan

Don’t hesitate to see how Banister Nissan can help you. If your car is on its last legs, your current lease is expiring, or you just suddenly need a vehicle, visit Banister Nissan today. We specialize in helping people with low credit scores get financing for a vehicle.

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Get the respect you deserve and the vehicle you need

Living with bad credit is no picnic. If you’re going through a difficult time in life, you don’t need more worries. Our finance agents are as good as they are friendly. They’ll work directly with loan companies to go beyond your credit score and find a purchasing plan that is right for you. Banister Nissan has a unique bad credit car loan program that has helped many people get into the vehicle they need. And we do it all with the utmost care and respect for you!